If you upload the custom HTML template, name it/usr/local/psa/admin/conf/email_notification_template.html and keep the message body placeholder. It makes issuing wildcard certificates also available by default with no need to additionally configure the extension to support ACMEv2. It is now possible to customize the list of SSL/TLS certificates available for order in SSL It! To know which panel.ini settings to edit, install the Panel.ini Editor extension and see the description column of settings under the [ext-sslit] section. Remote Management functionality was improved and updated based on the user feedback.

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All hotlink prevention measures risk deteriorating the user experience on the third-party website. For image users, hotlinked images have a major disadvantage; namely, that you – the image owner/host – retain full control of the location of the original file. If you discover one of your images has been hotlinked, you can, for example, delete the image and re-upload it so a new link is created. This breaks the hotlink, so your image is no longer displayed on the offending site.

  • When an object is stored on an external server, the referring site has no control over if and when an originally beneficial object’s content is replaced by malicious content.
  • That’s great also if you have few targets on same project so you don’t have to remember which app ID or link to use.
  • All the benefits of a fibre optics internet network for half the price!
  • This trick — separating the crew and weapons pod as a fighting unit while the fuel supply loiters off at a distance — greatly improves the battle craft’s performance.
  • For protection against space debris, inflatable wake shields will be common equipment on long duration space hardware.

These are each located for’ard of the elevators/shafts which open into a small hallway offering access both to these, and to an airlock opening into the landing bay. Aft of that, another small room serves as a quarterdeck/reception area and security post. However, there is no routine access to the engineering space on this deck. The remainder of the space for’ard of these, behind the avionics area at the bow, contains the equivalent of two small rooms on either side , connected by double spacetight doors; this is the modular function area. This feature permits the Drake-class to be customized for special functions – such as the electromagnetic radiation shielding we saw at the Battle of Eye-of-Night – much more flexibly than would otherwise be possible. The mass driver runs down the center of the deck from the gun port at the bow to its “breech”, which sits directly against the engineering space bulkhead.

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